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Transportation - Bicycle and Walking Paths
The benefits of physical activity are widely known; it helps reduce the risk of many chronic health problems including obesity and heart disease, and it's good for our mental well-being. Increased bicycling and walking translates into decreased vehicular use and vehicular emissions which will have a positive impact on air quality and a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Walkers and bikers out for pleasure or exercise, as well as those commuting to work, should be able to do so safely.
Here are some links to help make your town walker and biker friendly.

Web Resources
The undisputed champion of good, practical ideas for making your town more bicycle-friendly is the League of Illinois Bicyclists . Their easy-to-read Guide to Municipal Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning is a goldmine of information, with color pictures and great ideas for creating bike paths.

The U.S. Department of Transportation has a Bicycle and Pedestrian program with an exhaustively complete listing of resources and organizations to help develop and maintain walking and biking paths.

The Texas Department of Health's Community & Worksite Wellness Program has developed a great online guide for municipalities called, appropriately, How to Build a Walking Trail.

Every state has a Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator in its Department of Transportation whose function is to "promote and facilitate the increased use of non motorized transportation, including developing facilities for the use of pedestrians and bicyclists and public educational, promotional, and safety programs for using such facilities."

For a list of state coordinators, click here .

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