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Business Community - Farmers' Market
Farmers' markets provide a direct connection between the people who grow food and the people who consume it. Generally speaking, the food found at farmers' markets has more flavor and nutritional value than similar items sitting on grocery store shelves. It's a great place for kids (and their parents!) to learn more about where their food comes from, and to learn to appreciate what it means to "eat in season."

Farmers' markets also provide a great opportunity to build community and can help revitalize local downtown shopping areas.

Web Resources
Farmers' Markets Direct to Consumers - This site is operated by the USDA and includes a Farmers' Market Resource Guide, a Farmers' Market Finder, and links for funding opportunities. The Resource Guide promotes a free flow of information among programs that support farmers' markets.

The Farmers Market Coalition seeks to strengthen farmers markets' capacity to serve farmers, consumers, and communities by providing the rapidly growing movement with information and representation at state and federal levels.

Projects for Public Places - Farmers' Markets - Through technical assistance, workshops, research, grant programs, training courses and conferences, PPS helps public markets become vibrant public spaces while also achieving broader social impacts − from community development, to health and nutrition, to preserving family farms.

The Food Routes Network (FRN) is a national nonprofit organization that provides communications tools, technical support, networking and information resources to organizations nationwide that are working to rebuild local, community-based food systems.

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