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Land Management - Landscaping Equipment
According to the EPA, emissions from landscape equipment (mowers, blowers, trimmers, etc.) are often much greater than those from a car, per hour of operation. Small gasoline-powered two-cycle engines are the most polluting.

Here are some other ideas for keeping pollution from landscaping equipment to a minimum:

• Mandate your town's purchase of electric landscaping equipment whenever possible, including mowers, blowers and sweepers. Electric landscaping tools create no pollution, are easy to start, and often have features such as "grasscycling" to chop clippings into compostable bits.

• Keep all motorized equipment in top working condition, replacing oil and air filters regularly, getting periodic tune-ups and keeping blades sharp.

• Avoid spilling gasoline and motor oil. Even small gas spills volatilize into the air and create pollution, while oil spills run off into surface waters, polluting these fragile eco-systems.

Web Resources
Mow Down Pollution is an initiative of the Clean Air Foundation and The Home Depot Canada offering rebates for electric mowers.

Who's Doing It Right
The Regional Air Quality Council in Denver runs a Mow Down Pollution program where homeowners trade in old gas mowers for electric mowers at a significant discount.

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