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Green Cleaning - Microfiber Cloths
Some environmental solutions are so simple and effective you wonder why everybody doesn't know about them. Here's one every facility manager or head custodian should know about: microfiber cleaning cloths.

Microfiber synthetic cloth was invented in Sweden in the 1980s and its popularity quickly spread to environmentally-aware consumers across Europe. Microfiber can be used to clean camera lenses, eyeglasses, furniture, mirrors, floors and almost anything else, using only hot water. Thanks to the unique design of the fibers, no chemical cleaning products are needed. They also come in a wide variety of colors, making it easy to avoid cross- contamination when cleaning.

Many hospitals, schools, office buildings and institutions are using microfiber cloths because of their economic and environmental benefits. The downside: the fibers are manufactured from petrochemicals. However, in this case, the use of a small quantity of petrochemicals may be balanced by their extreme efficiency.

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