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Business Community - Non-Perc Dry Cleaning
For decades, commercial dry cleaners have relied on a chemical solvent known as "perchloroethylene" or "perc" to get clothes clean. But like many "miracle" chemicals that were supposed to make our lives carefree, perc has been found to cause significant environmental and human health problems.

Perc is a chlorinated hydrocarbon chemical that creates dioxin, vinyl chloride, carbon tetrachloride and phosgene during its manufacture and breakdown processes. It is a volatile organic compound (VOC) and permeates the air in most dry cleaning establishments (that's the chemical-sweet smell we're all familiar with). Perc is a frequent groundwater contaminant, and is extremely difficult to remediate once it has entered the environment.

Exposure is primarily through inhalation, although ingestion from contaminated water is also common. Human health problems associated with exposure to perc include nervous system damage, liver and kidney damage, several types of cancer and reproductive impacts (perc passes easily from the mother to the fetus).

New developments in cleaning technology, especially "wet cleaning" have made perc virtually obsolete, and several states have passed legislation to phase out perc-based cleaning. California, New Jersey and Massachusetts all have programs to help small businesses make the conversion form perc to non-perc methods.

Who's Doing It Right?
The Air Resources Board of the State of California has banned the used of perc, and will phase out all usage by 2023.

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