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Recycling at Town Offices
Recycling begins at home. For municipalities, that means at town offices, facilities and parks. Instilling a culture of conservation and recycling throughout town government sets an example for the community, and encourages residents to do their part at home.

Efficient paper recycling requires separation and exclusion of items at the source, so that paper does not contain plastic, cellophane, staples, paper clips, ribbon or other non-paper items, and so that traditional high-grade white office paper is kept separate from lower grade newspaper, magazine paper or non-corrugated cardboard. Corrugated cardboard boxes should be knocked down and bundled.

Plastic recycling is limited to items with the appropriate triangular recycling codes because not all plastic − even items with codes − can be recycled. Bottles, beverage containers and other items should be emptied and, ideally, rinsed. Aluminum cans should be separated from other metals.

Town offices and facilities should have conveniently located and clearly marked containers for recycled items. Employees should be fully informed about the program, and every town facility should have a designated recycling monitor to oversee the proper implementation and maintenance of the program.

Many municipalities prohibit bottled water bottles and the use of styrofoam cups and plates and encourage employees to bring their own refillable stainless steel containers for water or coffee to town buildings/meetings.

Web Resources
WasteWise program is full of ideas and links to help your town develop and implement an effective recycling program.

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Conservation has a great site where you can get detailed and practical information about designing effective and successful recycling programs.

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