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Recycling - Used Goods
One of the best ways to reduce the solid waste stream in communities is to encourage and actively support the re-use of serviceable goods: bicycles, books, dishes, lighting fixtures, cooking utensils, toys, games, tools, small appliances, furniture and household knickknacks.

Some communities (e.g., Amherst, MA) have well-established "Take It or Leave It" programs where citizens can drop off goods at an area near the entrance to the town landfill. Other citizens can find useable items free for the taking.

This is a great community service for people cleaning out homes or apartments who are faced with the task of finding new homes for perfectly good but unwanted items. At the same time it allows students, new families or savvy collectors to find things they want or need. Every item taken home stays out of the solid waste stream.

Any program of this type needs to be carefully monitored, but the program can easily pay for itself with a token admission charge ($1 per car, for instance).

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