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Green Building Projects

Many cities and towns have found that fast-tracking or providing incentives for green building can accelerate the transition to sustainable development. These can include:

•  Tax incentives, especially tax abatements for buildings meeting LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) "silver" rating or higher accreditation.

• Increased Floor-to-Area Ratios (FAR) which allow developers to construct larger buildings than typically permitted by current zoning.

• Accelerated permit and building review processing for green building projects.

Installing Windows

The Town of Banff in Alberta, Canada has adopted an extensive Municipal Sustainable Building Policy.  They also have a simple and clear guide for how to handle construction waste

Superior, CO Green Building Program establishes green building standards through education, regulation, and incentives, which will promote and encourage high performing sustainable development and redevelopment within the town.

Babylon, NY Long Island Green Homes Program helps homeowners make energy efficiency improvements at no upfront cost to themselves.

Woodside, CA provides a Green Building Residential Measures Checklist to residents.  Green building standards apply to new buildings, alterations and additions.

Chapel Hill, NC developed a pilot program in the Ephesus-Fordham Form District that rebates construction permitting fees for projects that employ sustainable design principles targeting energy and water use.

The EPA has a comparison chart of six Green Building Standard certification programs and ordinances. 

The Colorado Green Building Guild provides an overview of local and regional green-home certification programs and highlights the leading providers of tools, resources and green building rating systems for commercial properties.

The Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy has a listing of various state and local programs for incentivizing green building. The largest, most comprehensive list is for California.



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