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Westchester County Sustainable Energy Learning Center

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Keynote Address:

The Future of Commercial Construction

Alison Novak, Principal of the Hudson Group, talks about the future of commercial construction and the Hudson Group's journey into the world of sustainable buildings. This was the keynote address of the NY Sustainable Energy Conference in April, 2019.

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Ground Source Heat Pumps

presented by ClimateMaster

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Ground Source Heat Pumps - A Case Study

Titian Burris from ClimateMaster describes a community-wide installation using ground-source heat pumps.

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Operational Theory of Ground Source Heat Pumps


GSHP guru Jay Egg explains how heat pumps work and why they're the answer to many of our sustainable energy problems.

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Integrating Ground Source Heat Pumps into Commercial Projects

James Dolan from OLA Consulting Engineers talks about the challenges and opportunities of integrated ground source heat pumps into commercial projects.

The Future of Solar Energy

Sponsored by Best Energy Power

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New York State's Commitment to Solar Energy

NYSERDA's David Sandbank describes how New York State is pushing the envelope on solar energy.

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Principles of Solar Energy

Solar energy expert Leo Wiegman explains the basics of solar energy and how to incorporate solar into commercial buildings.

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The Economics of Solar Power

Ronnie Mandler, President of Best Energy Power, describes exactly how commercial building owners can save money by installing solar power.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Sponsored by Mitsubishi

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Operation Theory of Air-Source Heat Pumps

Larry Thiel, Manager of NYC Business Development for Daikin, explains the basic theory of air-source heat pumps and how they can be integrated into commercial building projects.

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Integrating Air Source Heat Pumps Into Commercial Projects

Umair Surani from Fujitsu explains how to plan and execute the installation of ASHPs in large-scale commercial projects, either for new construction or retrofits.

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Air Source Heat Pumps: An Overview

Mitsubishi's Rick Nortz talks about the efficiency of air-source heat pumps, and why they work well in the Northeast.

Financing Your New or Existing Sustainable Building Project

Sponsored by Daikin and Sealed

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Financing Your Sustainable Energy Project-

 Part One

Tim Weber from Diverso Energy discusses the benefits of third-party ownership of clean energy systems.

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Financing Your Sustainable Energy Project-

 Part Two

Mark Thielking, of Energize NY, describes how municipalities can get financial assistance for their sustainable energy projects.

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Financing Your Sustainable Energy Project-

 Part Three

New York Green Bank's Alfred Griffin discusses how this unique state agency helps developers and municipalities get their sustainable energy projects financed.

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Financing Your Sustainable Energy Project-

 Part Four

Patrick O'Shei from NYSERDA talks about the agency's various grants programs for sustainable energy projects.

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Financing Your Sustainable Energy Project

Andy Frank from SEALED describes how his innovative company helps consumers enjoy the benefits of sustainable energy with no upfront cost.

Approaching Net Zero

Sponsored by Con Edison

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New York State's Path to Net Zero Carbon Buildings

NYSERDA's Greg Hale discusses New York State's plan to achieve significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and increases in sustainable energy projects, resulting in the use of 100% clean energy by 2050.

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Advanced Construction Techniques for Sustainable Buildings

Lois Arena from Steven Winter Associates explains the basic principles of Passive House, and how those principles are being adapted for larger commercial and residential projects.

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Working Towards a Sustainable Energy Future

Mark Brescia, from Con Edison, explains how the utility company is working with partners and customers to build a sustainable energy future.

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