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Preferred Parking

​Providing preferred parking for hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles (sometimes called "green parking") is catching on quickly across the country. The idea is simple: drivers who arrive at work (or at train stations, airports, shopping malls, resorts or other public parking areas) driving hybrid or alternative fuel vehicles get the best parking spots available, after handicapped designated areas.

Simple signage and parking lines painted green designate the special parking areas for energy-efficient cars, providing a de facto showroom of hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles. Some municipalities have even waived parking fees entirely for hybrid vehicles.

Electric Vehicle Parking Only Sign

Sacramento,CA offers special monthly parking rates in city-owned parking facilities to individuals or organizations that own or lease electric vehicles.

Parking garages and lots in Cambridge, MA have designated spots for drivers to park and charge their electric vehicle(s).

Charging Stations are located throughout Boulder, CO that are reserved for electric vehicles.


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