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Recycling Used Goods

​One of the best ways to reduce the solid waste stream in communities is to encourage and actively support the re-use of serviceable goods: bicycles, books, dishes, lighting fixtures, cooking utensils, toys, games, tools, small appliances, furniture and household knickknacks.

Some communities, like Amherst, MA, have well-established "Take It or Leave It" programs where citizens can, either drop off goods at a designated and monitored area at the town landfill or find useable items free for the taking.

Other communities encourage the establishment of regulated thrift and consignment stores to help ease the solid waste burden.

Old Radios- used goods

The Town of Banff in Canada maintains a Re-Use It Centre where residents can drop off (or pick up) used but still useful household items including wooden furniture, books, toys, dishes and other kitchen items, light fixtures, small appliance and outdoor gear. 

ReTuna Återbruksgalleria in Sweden is the world's first recycling mall, giving new life to used items and revolutionizing shopping in a climate-smart way. Everything sold is recycled or reused.


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